NT3 Black Ops 2
NT3 GP3 X 2
NT3 Sniper PRO
Dual Comm Radio
   2-way radios


Mobile AMP
NT3 / GP3 adaptor
Premium Water-Proof Vol. Control
Throat Strap
Contour earpiece
Silicon earpiece
Canal Tip earpiece
Sniper PTT for NT3
Small Block PTT
Universal USB Charger

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The IASUS Concepts NT3 Throat Mic is the next generation of throat mic communication, featuring an improved Gen 3.0 transponder with throat strap, magnetic break-away clasp, clear acoustic coil with silicon earpiece, and clear contour earpiece fitments. The NT3 is compatible with a wide variety of two-way radios and other devices, including mobile phones, PCs, and gaming consoles. A variety of PTT options is available for two-way radio compatible headsets.
Standard Packs
(Throat Mic + Adaptor) Headset $89.00 ea
Neck Sizes : Regular 13"-17", Large 16"-21"
Adaptor A : Motorola FRS
    Motorola Dual Pin
    Garmin Single Pin
Adaptor Ci Icom Dual Pin
Adaptor CIA IASUS Dual com VOX
Adaptor B : Midland Dual Pin
Adaptor BG : Midland Dual Pin (GXT series with VOX)
Adaptor C : Kenwood Dual Pin
Adaptor COB Cobra Dual Pin
(Throat Mic + model cable) Headset $89.00 ea
Adaptor D : PC computer
Note: This kit does not include PTT and Y-adaptor
Adaptor E : 2.5 mm jack for Cellular and home phones
Note: This kit does not include PTT and Y-adaptor
Adaptor F: iPhone 3G, 3Gs, 4
Note: This kit does not include PTT and Y-adaptor
(Throat Mic + Adaptor ) Headset $95.00 ea
Adaptor CIAM : Motorola (MTH 600/650/800/850, MTP850)
Adaptor AYSU YAESU (VX 6R/7R/120/127/170/177)
Adaptor AVTX: Vertex (VX 600/800/900)
(Throat Mic + Adaptor ) Headset $115.00 ea

Adaptor MHT:

Motorola (HT 1000, MT2000/MTS2000, MTX-LS, MTX838/MTX8000, MTX9000, XTS1500, XTS2500, XTS3500, XTS5000)
Additional Adaptor $22.00 ea
Adaptor A
Motorola FRS
Adaptor A
Motorola Dual Pin
Adaptor A
Garmin Single Pin
Adaptor Ci
ICOM Dual Pin
Adaptor B
Adaptor C
Adaptor D (Cable)
Adaptor E (Cable)

GXT series with VOX

Adaptor F (Cable)
Adaptor CIA
IASUS Dual com Vox
Adaptor COB
Additional Adaptor $25.00 ea
Adaptor BV
Midland (Vox)
Additional Adaptor $30.00 ea
Adaptor CIAM
Adaptor AVTX
Adaptor AYSU
Additional Adaptor $40.00 ea
Adaptor F( iphone )
w/ PTT Plug
Additional Adaptor $50.00 ea
Adaptor MHT
Accessories for NT3

Finger PTT $15.00ea

Contour earpieces (Pair)$15.00ea

The priority class shipping is for US only and the approximate time of delivery will be in 5-7 business working days, and 7-14 days for regular post. International shipping is $20US per item . For bulk orders, please email us directly for cost.


New Gen 3.0 transponder features improved acoustic transmission with significantly reduced “muffle effect”
Adjustable, reinforced throat strap expands and contracts with user movement, two size options for neck sizes 12"-22"
Magnetic clasp for added versatility safely breaks away if pulled suddenly
Custom-braided nylon wiring is tangle-resistant and extra-durable
Clear acoustic coil earpiece for covert use is nearly weightless for extra comfort
Water resistant construction
VOX-capable with VOX-enabled radios
Available in models compatible with a variety of two-way radios, mobile phones, and PC and Xbox jacks. Note: Mobile phone, PC, and Xbox models (2.5mm universal pin) do not include PTT and splitter


IASUS Concepts offers a 1-year warranty on manufacturers’ defects. For further details, please visit

Disclaimer: Your radio must have the VOX function in order to use the mic in VOX.